Welcome Ali Osman

On Thursday evening (13th) workmate Nesibe gave birth to a son, Ali Osman, by Caesarean Section at the Mersin State Hospital. Mother and baby are doing fine.

Nesibe worked throughout her pregnancy and hundreds of jokes were made about Ali Osman (most of them started by her).

Congratulations to Nesibe and husband Bulent!

Australia Versus Italy

The France-Italy World Cup Final in Berlin begins very soon.

Following are photos from the evening Italy kicked Australia out of the round of 16.

The penalty-inducing dive that sunk Australia

An anxious Michael Can watching the game on TV

Peter in his boxers

On the way to Burger King for after-match condolence ice creams

So who do I want to win tonight?

France, of course!

Drug Queen Hits Mersin

Both my and my bosses’ cameras have returned from repairs in Istanbul and after 60 YTL each are now in working order.

On my early morning walk today I saw the following nightclub promotion:

With my limited Turkish, “DANSCI KIZLAR” means “female dancers”. Unless I have completely misunderstood, there is a misspelling in “DRUG QUEEN”.

Some advice to the poster producer: “DRUG QUEEN” and “DRAG QUEEN” have completely different meanings. U should have bought A vowel:

Part of a road sign on the roundabout just east of Mersin’s Train station

On the same roundabout was the following sign:

“Plant” should be “Paint”, as in: Natural Paint Project. Mistakes like this are common in Turkey. What makes this one notable, though, is the sign subject is a Turkey-European Union joint project.

Anna, Bec And The Croc!

I received the above postcard from my sister Anna the other week. It features Anna and cousin Rebecca handling a baby crocodile from Cairns, northern Queensland.

The office workers did not believe the girls on the postcard were my relatives. I guess they had not heard of personalised postcards before.

PS: according to my Blogger Dashboard, this post is Joe’s Rambling’s 500th!

Imran The Survivor

Imran and Natraj eating kebab at 2 AM after a visit to Bad-Lik Bar

Tonight, Imran will be on the bus to Izmir, leaving after one year . From Izmir he will fly back home to England. There will be no AIESEC trainees in Adana for the first time I can remember.

On the weekend Imran twice came from Adana to visit. Saturday night we watched the soccer at Orhan’s place and ate tantuni. After teaching a lesson in Adana Sunday morning Imran returned to Mersin in the afternoon for macaroni with Egyptian smoked herring and zucchini in tomato sauce and kunefe with ice cream.

Imran has worked 7 days a week for a year with few breaks, teaching a Microsoft certificate course. Once Imran leaves there will be no one living in the infamous trainee apartment. I’m glad I don’t have to clean it up!

I probably should write a separate post on the trainee apartment.

The AIESEC Adana trainee apartment whiteboard. Click on the picture for a larger version and read several generations of Adana trainees’ comments.

I wish Imran the best back in the UK and congratulate him for making it through his traineeship.