Meat Pie And Cricket

Last night I walked to Peter’s place to watch Australia play Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup final live from Bridgetown, Barbados. Also watching, and learning the sport’s rules at the same time, was Darryl from Canada, another expat resident of Mersin.

Despite a delayed start due to rain, the game made good watching, with Adam Gilchrist smashing the cricket ball all around the place and the Sri Lankans giving the run chase their best shot. I left once the Aussies were close to victory. This meant I missed the farcical finish.

Peter loves his meat pies so last night wife Cansin made the closest Turkish equivalent, a delicious “kiymali borek” (mince meat pastry).

The traditional accompaniment to an Australian meat pie is tomato sauce/ketchup. Peter didn’t just squirt the ketchup on top but carefully crafted a work of art:

Note for Turkish readers: the “OZ” on the artwork above is short for Australia and not the Turkish word of similar spelling.


SMS’s I’ve Saved On My Phone

Following are the SMS messages I’ve saved on my mobile phone for various reasons. Note: I’ve kept the spelling and formatting exactly as typed in the SMS except for the bolding.



– from a girl at a Mersin school I visited for work. I must have been one of her first ever secret crushes – I certainly didn’t know about it. Ah, the innocence…


Hi¿o€!while i was thinking smth ,i thought that u are very kind-hearthed suddenly it occured to my mind when i was tried to sleep,i wanted say it;>

– from another girl whose school I visited around the same time as the previous one. Warms the cockles of one’s heart…


” A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words ” i just wanna share it,I lowe this words

– from a third former Mersin high school girl and a friend of the previous SMS sender.


YES!YES!YES!!!IT’S TRADITIONAL 2 B UNHAPPY ON TURKISH WEDDINGS!! >:-(( (I have 2 find something with australian boys>:-) do u like the oil?

– A newly wedded Turkish friend sometime after I had explained to her that, by tradition, a Turkish bride should be sad on her wedding day as she is being taken away from her family to join her husband’s.


You should be a journalist!

– so wrote the Age’s Europe correspondent James Button when he was in Mersin for the Lebanese refugee crisis.

Is anyone else willing to share their SMS’s?


Loggerhead Turtles Return To Nest At Mezitli

I’m surprised and gladdened to read that loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) are now nesting on Mezitli beach, just a short distance down the coast from Mersin.

I would have thought Mezitli was too polluted by the untreated sewage flow that blights Mersin’s bay. Indeed, when I used to live at Mezitli, few people swam there because of the pollution.

When I next go to Mezitli I will keep my eyes peeled for the turtles. Besides birds, there is very little evidence of wildlife around Mersin.


My Favourite Photo Of 2007

When Dafne and Levent visited Mersin from Gaziantep back in February we had to go to the beach. Dafne comes from the Colombian coast and, living in landlocked Gaziantep, she was missing the beach.

I took them to the beach near Soli, just west of Mersin. There, the setting sun provided fantastic light for photography. The following photo of my boss’s Volkswagen Beetle shot on location is the favourite photo I’ve taken so far in 2007.

The light and backdrop help turn an average, old car into a beautiful, superb machine.


Happy 80th Birthday Marga!

Marga, my Grandmother on Mum’s side turned 80 on Friday. To celebrate, her family had a birthday party at the Ceduna Sailing Club on Thursday evening. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go. Instead, I produced and sent the following video tribute to Marga. I hope you enjoy it.



Optimising My Blog

Readers may have noticed several changes to the website design recently. I’ve moved the left column to the far right, removed some of the links from individual post and archive pages and added Amazon, AllPosters and Google Adsense advertisements.

The main reason for making to these changes is to try and monetize the traffic I receive. Currently this website has been receiving over 200(!) unique visitors per day. Most visitors find my website via Google image search results and then leave, using lots of my bandwidth in the interim.

My aim is to optimise the pages to maximise the revenue from random visitors without making the adverts too obtrusive for regular readers. I welcome and will listen to any feedback concerning either the blog design, content, layout or adverts. The more specific the feedback the better.

I plan several further changes to this blog and will be implementing them incrementally. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Photos Of Greece

Here are some photos I took when I went to Alexandroupoli, Greece, a few weeks ago.

The view from my hotel room of a ferry from one of the islands entering the harbour

The flags looked different to ones I’m more used to seeing. Note the cross at the top of the pole.

I was blessed with a beautiful sunset across the bay

This photo could be set in Turkey except the meat is pork

Delicious pork yiros on the left and pork sausage on the right 🙂

A Greek Orthodox church

Returning to Toypkia/Turkey