2008 Perth Red Bull Air Race In Pictures

Today I went to Fremantle with Sameer, mainly to visit the Fremantle Markets.


Last weekend, in between Lucy’s birthday drinks, lunch with Therese and David, and meeting Vel and Alex, I managed to see a few planes in the sky at the Red Bull Air Race. Here are a few photos from Sunday 2 November:




A large yacht flotilla gathered in the Swan River to watch the air race and supporting exhibition flights. Above are a few of the many mansions disguised as boats that filled every spare water space.




6 red planes flying in formation.




The same planes (in the top right of the photo) flying over Perth’s skyline. The P E R T H sign is visible above the water line.




Red Bull Air Race gates in the background behind another tranche of yachts.




The highlight for me was this fighter jet flying low over the Swan River. The rolls and manoeuvres it performed were stunning and the noise produced was awesome, in the traditional meaning of the word.

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