Martin Bean

I’m currently listening to Martin Bean on BBC World Service radio. Seeing and listening to Martin in person during AIESEC’s 2007 International Congress in Istanbul was one of my most inspiring experiences. Fellow Australian AIESEC alumnus Martin is now the United Kingdom’s Open University Vice-Chancellor after previously being Microsoft’s Managing Director of Education for Worldwide Public Sector.

Bali Time Is Coming

In less than two weeks’ time I will be relaxing in Bali on a short holiday – my first visit to both Bali and greater Indonesia. At only five days in length, it will be my shortest time away from Australia. My previous trips abroad in order of duration are 18 days, 5 weeks, 10 months, 18 months, 20 months and 30 months.


A beauty of Perth is its short distance to Asia: Bali, at less than 4 hours’ flight away, is closer than Sydney. This closeness facilitates bargain airfares like $215 return, taxes and luggage allowance inclusive 🙂


Upon landing in Bali, my visited countries map will look like this:




2 random coincidences have occurred in the last few days:


Coincidence #1: a colleague working on the same project and on the same floor as me is my next door neighbour in Subiaco


Coincidence #2: the totals of my Woolworths Subiaco and TR & TR Grower Direct (Subiaco Markets) receipts yesterday were both $17.37, rounded down to $17.35