Triathlon, Freeway Bike Hike and Bridges Fun Run

Since my Bali trip I have participated in my first triathlon, cycled 60km from Kwinana to Joondalup in the Freeway Bike Hike and ran the 10km Bridges Fun Run.



Nissan/BRW Corporate Triathlon




On Sunday 7 March I swam 400 metres, cycled 10 kilometres and ran 4 kilometres in the 2010 Perth Nissan/BRW Corporate Triathlon. I went third after Chevron Wheatstone colleagues Craig and Dave. 400 metres is probably the longest distance I’ve swum in my life and the first time I’ve swum more than 50 metres in decades. My lack of technique showed and sidestroke was my best friend. Out of our trio I was the slowest swimmer and cyclist and fastest runner, completing the course in 1:13:34. My aim for 2011 is to finish in under 1 hour!



Freeway Bike Hike




On the morning of Sunday 21 March, after 3 hours of sleep, I rode my ancient mountain bike to the Esplanade train station in order to catch a special event train south to Kwinana. From Kwinana it was a leisurely 60 kilometre ride past the city and north to Joondalup. As with the triathlon, Chevron again kindly provided specialised clothing along with post-event food and massages. I finished the distance in 2:19:02. According to my splits, the second last 5km was by far my fastest.



10km Bridges Fun Run


The 2009 Bridges Fun Run was my first organised Perth run and in 2010 I was quite confident of beating last year’s time (51:34). ‘Bridges’ consists of a lap around the Swan River, crossing over the Narrows and the Causeway.


Unfortunately I had a headache on the morning of the 28th so, although I did beat least year’s time and unofficially ran less than 50 minutes (official gun time: 50:30), I did not reach my full potential. As this was only a warm-up run I wasn’t too disappointed. The headache turned into a cold which I didn’t recover from until Easter. I’m now ready to ramp up my training in preparation for the 2010 Perth Marathon on 20 June which, in turn, will be a warm-up for the 2010 Istanbul Marathon on 17 October 🙂

Bali Photos, Part IV

This is the fourth and final set of photos from my Bali holiday. The other photos can be found here: Bali I, Bali II and and Bali III.




Above the Ayung River, Sayan-Ubud.




A worker tends the stepped rice paddies near the Ayung River, Sayan-Ubud.




The Balinese calendar is complicated enough without the addition of other calendars and languages. If I’m not mistaken, the writing to the right of and below the calendar consists of explanations for the importance of each day. The calendar advises Balinese which days are best to do many things, including harvest rice and have sex.




The Jimbaran Bay seafood meal at one of the many beachside restaurants on my last evening in Bali.




Grilled corn sellers, Jimbaran Bay. There was a corn seller every 100 or so metres along the beach. Throughout the evening locals walked along the beach, picking up fish that had washed up on the shore.

Bali Photos, Part III




A hibiscus flower outside of Ubud.




A close-up shot of a rice plantation – Ubud is famous for its rice paddies.




These boys were willing to have their photos taken – for a price. I saw several creations like this unfinished version. I’m not sure what their purpose is – perhaps a funeral pyre?




Cane cages. Occasionally I saw roosters held in cages like these – my flatmate (who had spent a month in Bali previously) said they were going to be used for cockfighting.




The Ayung River, Sayan/Ubud in the foreground and stepped rice paddies in the background.

Bali Photos, Part II



These ladies are taking offerings to one of the many local temples. The weekend I was in Bali was significant for the local Hindus (as most Balinese are). i think it was because of the full moon.




Screen printed rice bags on the wall of Ubud’s Bali Buddha, the hangout of choice for foreign, new age hippies. I ate vegan version of a local dish which, surprisingly, was quite tasty.




I had to get a photo of this t-shirt worn by one of the ladies at the jeans store in Ubud 🙂  Below the clock reads “I need more”.




A attended a great Legong Dance performance presented by Bina Remaja Troupe at Ubud’s palace on the Saturday night. The intensity in this dancer’s eyes is visible.




Another wonderfully costumed dancer from the same performance.