Advieh – a Wonderful Persian Spice Mix

After running around Kings Park, along the Swan River and up Jacob’s Ladder this morning I went to Subiaco Markets. To my delight, the Spice Library stall had advieh, a traditional Persian spice mix. I didn’t know it was called advieh until today but I certainly recognised the smell.

During my 2004 Iran holiday I bought a plastic jar of advieh from Shiraz Bazaar. After returning to Mersin I used this yummy spice mix in most meals for 3 years including pasta, roast vegetables, stir fries and curries.

The following photo I took at Shiraz Bazaar shows a man taking some advieh out of one of the two advieh mixes. I love how the different spices are layered. In the central top section of the photo are plastic jars containing advieh.

Following is my empty jar prior to throwing it out in June 2007:


A Very Good Weekend So Far

Yesterday, on a beautiful, mild overcast day I sold a heap of carpets for Carpets for Communities at the very well organised Mosman Park EcoFair.

Last night I went clubbing at Gold Bar for Malvi’s birthday and rediscovered Dirty Black Russians.

This morning I ran for an hour to the Mount Yokine Reservoir and back.

And, now, I’ve just cooked and eaten this:


Bacon, free range eggs with their yolks broken and spread, green capsicum freshly picked from my courtyard, feta, chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil and ground black pepper.

The omelette from the first photo in a toasted ciabatta roll with avocado and Mum’s home made tomato sauce 🙂