Fried Rice, Awesome Style

Put together the following in a hot wok:
– sesame oil
– Thai shrimp, garlic and chilli mix
– fresh hot green chilli
– garlic
– ginger
– shallot onions
– sweet chilli sauce
– soy sauce
– cashews
– thinly cut bacon
– carrot
– cabbage
– green capsicum
– pineapple
– mushroom
– steamed rice
– tofu
– bean sprouts
…stir, and, voila!

Fried Rice, Awesome Style

Better Than Easter Eggs

For breakfast this Easter Sunday, post morning run, I treated myself to something far more delicious than Easter eggs:

My own muesli mix with frozen blueberries, honey, natural yoghurt, milk (added after the photo) and the secret ingredient: fresh mint leaves straight from the garden. I wasn’t sure how the mint would affect the taste but it turned out to be an absolute winner. This morning I repeated the recipe with the addition of a Lady’s Finger banana.

IMG_2380 (Custom)