Ending caffeine addiction

Last week I started weaning myself off caffeine. For years I have needed a coffee every day. Each time I went without coffee for more than 24 hours I developed a headache from the caffeine withdrawal. Now, without the pressures or commitments of work, it is an ideal time to end my caffeine addiction.

To prepare, I bought one 500g packet each of Oxfam Fair Trade caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee. I then weighed and mixed the coffee into six difference proportions:

a) 0% decaffeinated / 100% caffeinated (put aside for later consumption)
b) 20% decaffeinated / 80% caffeinated
c) 40% decaffeinated / 60% caffeinated
d) 60% decaffeinated / 40% caffeinated
e) 80% decaffeinated / 20% caffeinated
f) 100% decaffeinated / 0% caffeinated

Decaffeinated coffee blendsThe plan is to have one coffee per day, starting with the 20% decaf blend until that container is empty. Then, moving onto the 40% decaf, 60% decaf, 80% decaf and, finally, the 100% decaf. Once I have finished the 100% decaf container, I should be completely weaned off caffeine, free from the withdrawal headaches and without the multi-day headache going cold turkey would cause.

I began the program on the 12th of July and am currently on the 40% decaf mix. I have experienced a headache or two in this time which maybe related to the withdrawal, but so far, so good.

I love my coffee and don’t ever intend to give up on the ‘real’ caffeinated stuff. However, I look forward to the day when every coffee is a choice and not a need.


UPDATE (28 August 2015):

I have just drunk my first full strength coffee in almost 6 weeks. I am feeling a slight buzz but not as much as expected.

Overall, the program to wean me off caffeine was a success. Although going without real coffee for such a long time was frustrating I knew the end result was worth it. I’m happy now my addiction has ended and I don’t need to drink coffee to prevent headaches, a la coffee for coffee’s sake.

Going forward I will mix coffee and coffee-free days, not allowing my body to become addicted again. Tea, herbal teas and decaffeinated coffee will replace coffee on my coffee-free days.

Niece and nephew come to town

Last week Eilish (17) and Breandan (15) visited from Adelaide. This was their second visit to Perth and first since 2009.

Prior to coming, I asked them to each give me a list of 5 activities they would like to do. I’m happy to write that we did almost all of them.

I have rarely lived in the same place at the same time as Eilish and Breandan so it was a great pleasure to spend time with them. Following are photos from the wonderful week.


At Jump About Trampoline Park (note Breandan jumping off the pyramid trampoline)

Ellington Jazz Club

Ellington Jazz Club

Breandan bowling

Breandan achieved a personal best ten pin bowling score at Rosemount Bowl and won two of the three games. I won the first game with 160.

Eilish pizza

Eilish enjoying home-made pizza

Araluen Botanic Park

Araluen Botanic Park. At Araluen we saw a number of birds including blue wrens, red tailed black cockatoos and silver eyes.

Araluen Botanic Park

Another Araluen photo

Canning Dam Canning Dam. Currently we all stand at similar heights. Breandan is 2-3 shoe sizes larger than me so I don’t think we will be at similar heights for much longer.

At Bjoern and Ola's

Out the front of Bjoern and Ola’s place

Bjoern and Ola's At Bjoern and Ola’s

Towering Eilish

Eilish standing in front of the BHP tower, Perth CBD


In Fremantle’s old quarter. This photo was taken by Julie, an American naval architecture academic in town for a conference who joined us on the cruise to Fremantle.

Leaping from container to container

Breandan leaping from shipping container to shipping container, Fremantle

Eilish and Breandan At Coventry Village, Morley. The anime and gaming shops were the main time consumers here.

Supercar Breandan

Breandan in front of the SuperCars Perth Lamborghini he rode in around the RAC race track. No prizes for guessing his highlight of the trip.