21 km (Half Marathon) – Not Bad For A Morning Run

This morning I ran 6 laps of Lake Monger equal to 21 km and my first ever half marathon distance. My 3.5 km (lap) splits were 18:42, 20:35, 20:10, 20:05, 19:22 and 18:43 for an overall time of 1:57:37. I’m very proud of my achievement and am now confident of finishing the upcoming Perth Half Marathon on 21 June.

One thought on “21 km (Half Marathon) – Not Bad For A Morning Run

  1. Blimey! Used to run around Lake Monger 1982-3. Memories of beautiful and curious black swans, and thousands of noisy cockatoos assembling in a few large trees at night…

    wipes away tear

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