A Birthday Gift to Remember

A few weeks ago my sister Shannon turned 40. Last year I knew I was going to be away for the birthday so to make up for it, I thought, what would be a dream gift for this wonderful sister, daughter, mother, cousin, niece, colleague and friend? As Shannon is yet to experience the joy of overseas travel, a holiday abroad would be an amazing present for her to remember forever.

I told family about the holiday gift idea and they were very supportive so I developed a plan to enable this gift without Shannon knowing. A protected OzCrowd fund-raising page, a secret Facebook event and complicit family and friends were key aspects of this plan.

Random Title (Medium)

As the campaign title and main image were publicly visible I chose a generic title and image

Private Ozcrowd Campaign (Medium)

Accessing the fund-raising campaign page required a password

Campaign Photos and Subtitle (Medium)

Photos of Shannon and the subtitle from the campaign page

Facebook Group (Medium) The secret Facebook event page spread awareness of the campaign and communicated updates

The campaign was a success with dozens of people donating towards Shannon’s gift. The present was announced to Shannon in Australia on the 15th via a video I pre-recorded:

I am looking forward to planning the trip with her!

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