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Thank you Flic, Haso, Alicia, Onur and Jeff for making the first GuestMap entries. There are now little smiling people in North America, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. To view them and to add your own entry, please click the button on the right.


As is quite obvious to see, there are permanent links for every post. If one wants to refer to a post all they have to do is click on the permalink and copy the address. In the case of the 03 November 2003 story of Toygun and my expedition to Anazarbus (Anavarza), the link is here

Sakip Sabanci Passes Away

The big news this week in Turkey is the passing of Sakip Sabanci, the head of the Sabanci empire. He was regarded as the leading industrialist in Turkey overseeing a vast empire of businesses in size second only to Koc Holdings in Turkey. The town where the Sabanci empire grew from is Adana. It was Adana that I visited yesterday, not because of Sakip’s death, but to see Ali and Magda. After eating borek, sikma (savoury pancakes) and Kunefe (a sweet) we walked around town. In view were both the HiltonSA Hotel and Sabanci Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the Middle East. Other photos of the Sabanci Mosque: at night, with a jet in the foreground and during sunset.

In Turkey so many businesses have the famous Sabanci ‘SA’ symbol as seen in the DuPontSA and EXSA logos.

This article provides a good summary of Sakip Sabanci and his empire, althought the grammar is not the best.

Is it Spring or as has Summer arrived already?

Whilst still in Adana I developed a headache and the pain stayed with me when I came back to Mersin. Shortly after going to bed last night I vomited and it wasn’t until midday today I felt well enough to come to work. I am not definite on the cause of the illness although I can say it was not meat or alcohol related. Magda also had a headache after the walk yesterday afternoon. My best guess is the illness was the result of the sun and heat. Yesterday the temperature was around 30C a jump of several degrees from the previous day and I don’t think my body was used to the heat. Has spring already passed?

African Visitors

Tonight some visitors from Africa will come to Mersin for business. The languages will be fun: Arabic, French, Turkish, English and a bit of Swahili mixed in for good effect.

Interesting article on Australian expats


I hope everyone reading this blog has a positive view of me as an expatriate 🙂

Popstar and its many Turkish variations

The first Popstar television series was a huge hit in Turkey, launching a various artists popstar album and singles for several of the contestants.

I was flicking TV channels the other evening and I noticed some new Popstar copies showing. With research I have discovered:

Akademi Türkiye (Academy Turkey) a Big Brother-style Popstar version


Türkiyenin Yıldızları (Turkey’s Stars)

and a 2nd Popstar

Visit the programme websites and see how similar they are!

Can any other country beat this amount of Popstar copies?


Oh, yeah, happy Easter!

The biggest Easter event I took part in this year was to throw water on Magda, the Polish trainee. This Polish tradition was pointed out to me on Saturday by Alicia on msn chat.

Thanks to Alicia, Magda, Ali and I had some fun with this tradition on Sunday!

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