A Relaxing Evening in Mersin

I am on the way home from a beautiful, relaxing walk along the coast, around the yacht harbour, to the port and back. The twilight evening light created sureal images across the bay. There were shades of red, purple and blue. The yacht and fishing boat reflections were similar to those on the current photo of the moment (top right of screen). The view across the bay to the port was breathtaking.

A brief afternoon rain had cooled the temperature from late 20s to early 20s (centigrade). Many families, lovers, groups of friends and individuals were enjoying the coastal tranquility only a short distance from main roads and city centre. For a while the tranquility was disturbed by the honking of car horns celebrating the local soccer team, Mersin Idmanyurdu’s win.

On the return I boarded a boat restaurant for ‘balik servis’ grilled fish accompanied by lettuce-based salad, bread, a wedge of raw onion and wedge of lemon. As with almost all simple restaurants in Turkey the meal was accompanied by a side dish of pickled chillies.

For most of the afternoon I felt the pain of a headache and moped around at home. The evening was so much better!

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