A Tropical Hello

I’m not writing from the tropics but it certainly feels like it.

Two weeks ago I thought summer had started in Mersin and the usual 4-5 months of hot, rain-free but humid weather were lying ahead. However, recent weather has swapped between a) non-stop rain with a mild temperature, b) threatening clouds and c) a fiercely hot sun. Humidity is the omnipresent partner of all 3 patterns. I swear Mersin has received 3 times its average May rainfall already.

I’ve never experienced tropical weather this persistent in Mersin. I’m not complaining as I know the never-ending summer is just around the corner…


3 thoughts on “A Tropical Hello

  1. Nice blog, mate. My aunt lives in Mersin. When I was living in Cyprus, I was coming to Mersin a lot.

    Keep up the good work on this great blog. I’ll added you to my favorites.

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