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On swing at Bali Silent RetreatI’m Joe Taheny and I began this blog while living in Turkey. Where is Joe.in? now documents my stories, photos and videos from around the world.

Growing up in South Australia 400 kilometres from the closest traffic light, I didn’t travel abroad until adulthood. Roadying on Aunt Ronnie’s European concert tour kick-started my wanderlust and I’ve now visited 50+ countries across six continents.Gypsies playing music in Lahore, Pakistan

After university I moved to Mersin, Turkey on an AIESEC internship, eventually staying for six years. While there I travelled around the region including pre-conflict Syria. Boing Boing also featured my Pakistan Music post.

In front of Aya Sofia after finishing Istanbul Marathon

Back in Australia I worked on a multi-billion dollar energy project and took up running, completing the 2010 Perth and Istanbul marathons.

In 2015, following my dreams I departed for two years around South America and Cuba. Highlights included seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier calving and being in Havana when Fidel Castro died. My glacier video has received over 1 million views.

Perito Moreno Glacier after calving, Patagonia, ArgentinaFor further adventures, subscribe to Where is Joe.in? via the form on the right and also my YouTube channel.

Where is Joe.in? is dedicated to the memories of Rocío and Dad, two people who had beautiful hearts.