All Is Not Well At My Old Primary School And In The Town I Was Born

I was born in the Ceduna District Hospital on the West Coast of South Australia (click for map) and from grades prep to 5&1/2 I went to Ceduna Area School. My Grandparents live in the house I grew up in.

Although, Ceduna is on the coast, the town is isolated. With a population of 4000, it is the largest town for 300 km in any direction. When I was growing up, traffic lights, fast food chains, dual-lane roads, bridges, tunnels, rivers and multi-storey buildings were fantasies, only lived out on the annual or by-annual trip east. To get to Adelaide it is an 800 km drive.

There has always been a large aboriginal population in the Ceduna area. Unfortunately, like in many rural areas of Australia, the aboriginal and non-aboriginal populations have not always seen eye to eye. Recently, the racial problem seems to have reached a crisis point.

Let’s hope positive and long-term strategies can be put in place to minimise the area’s problems and allow people to live in harmony.

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