Astrologers discovered the 10th planet?????

From the front page of (Australian newpaper) The Age’s website at 17:31 (02:31 AEST) Turkish time yesterday:

“Astrologers (sic) claim to have found the most distant planet-like object in the solar system.”

This was the front page introduction to the article titled “Sedna, a cold red world” about the discovery of a 10th planet

The actual article credits astronomers as the planet discoverers:

“Astronomers announced yesterday they had found the most distant planet-like object in the solar system ever, and the biggest since Pluto was discovered in 1930.”

I submitted this critical oversight to Media Watch but The Age had rectified the mistake before Media Watch’s Executive Producer Peter McEvoy read my email and witnessed the hilarity himself.

I realise many people give astrologers and other supernatural snake oil salesmen credibility (I don’t) but crediting them with the discovery of a planet goes way beyond the usual.

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