At last: Some Photos

My last last camera film took 3 months to complete. Now I have a few photos to show.

Magda the Polish trainee with Zubrowka the Polish vodka, New Years Eve, Cazara

Dog at Roman theatre, Hierapolis (above Pamukkale)

Ali in the Pamukkale springs

The white of Pamukkale reflected in a winter puddle

Moon and ferry in Izmir

Karaoke Maria at her ‘last night in Adana’, Cazara nightclub: see the passion in her face

Maria’s supporting cast

With Ebru and Kubilay at their wedding, Adana

Roadworks on Silifke Caddesi (a main road) as viewed from the corner of my apartment

My balcony.

On the pants to the right of the photo there is a grey patch. That is in fact a grasshopper! This grasshopper hibernated for two or three months in the suit pants. A day or so after the photo was taken the weather warmed up and the grasshopper left. The pants are my brother, Liam’s, pants. They are part of a 25,000,000 TL suit he bought in Kadıköy, Istanbul specifically to attend Ela’s wedding back in September 2003.

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