Australia Goes Backwards

Well, Today I don’t feel proud to be Australian. The fact that a dishonest, policy-free government can get re-elected is disgraceful. They may even control the upper house of parliament as well, either on their own or with the help of Christian fundamentalists, Family First.

The main reasons for the re-election I believe were:

a) The strong, low-interest rate assisted economy

c) Latham’s name was not well know enough – he had not been in federal politics long enough

b) The pro-Howard mass media

For their assistance with this election the Murdochs and Packers will want a payout. Expect the media ownership rules to be drastically loosened. The ABC will continue to lose funding, whilst at the same time, face more governmental pressure.

I’m glad I got my university degree when it was affordable – soon only the rich will be able to afford one.

At least I helped with the change in party sitting in my local seat of Hindmarsh.

Australian deserves what it gets. Following is an example of why Australia has re-elected its government. This discussion was on another blog with two other Australians – one living in Australia (P1), the other another expatriate (P2). For privacy reasons their names are not included:

Joe: P2, perhaps New Zealand could be a good place to live if incumbent party wins the election this Saturday (not a good thought).

P1: Better the devil you know, than the devil with botox in his forehead, whose party has a history of f*cking up the economy..

P2: Give me a frigged economy over the Liberal party anyday. And give me the Libs over life in NZ in either case.

Joe: Botox is a bigger sin than lying to the Australian public when taking Australians to war?

P1: Yeah, it is. Botox is about lying to the Australian Public on a daily basis about what you really look like.

P1: If someone is going to lie about that, how can you have any trust for what is coming out of their mouth?

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