Australia Part 1

Prior to the 13th of February I had not seen my nephew Breandan for almost half of his life.

I was thrilled to see Breandan and niece Eilish again. They were equally thrilled to see me again and were always begging me to play, cricket, footy, swings and everything else with them.

My first main meal: roast PORK and vegetables with the family. From left to right: Eilish, Shannon, Mum, Anna, Dad, Liam and Breandan.

4 thoughts on “Australia Part 1

  1. Hi Joe, I’m happy to re-discover your blog after some months and read that you are enjoying family meals. Your pics are very nice, have you taken them with your mobile ? (also, when will you be back in Turkey ?)

  2. Hey Gizem!

    Thanks for your positive comments. My mobile is kind of ancient and it does not have a camera. The photos were taken with my Sony DSC-P73 digital camera.

    I’ve actually been back in Turkey for more than 3 months! I really hope to update the blog soon.

  3. Aussie aussie aussie ! (oi oi oi !) πŸ˜€ damn Joe i hope you still check out these comments.. maybe this whole sites ancient and here i am typing my life story with some hope hope that it’ll be read (lol)

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