Back in the 80s

Tonight I was going to leave the office early, get a haircut, go for a walk and do a load of washing. However, I have an mp3 CD containing almost 400 megabytes of music playing on the computer.

Orhan very kindly prepared the CD of my self-selected 80s music list.

The memories… I’m only part of the way through the CD and I hope I’m I can drag my self away from the office before the five or six hours of music finishes.

Musically, I didn’t actually develop my tastes until the 1990s and I’m much more of a 90s person. However, for most of 00s I’ve been away from “civilisation” (for civilisation, read: English-language music variety), only exposed to current pop schlock and the odd hit and memory.

This lack of exposure to non-mainstream English-language music has lead, funnily enough, to a greater appreciation of 80s music. Getting old could also be a factor in this musical change 🙂

On another musical note, Peter, the other Australian in Mersin, has ordered a Creative Zen Micro 5 GB MP3 Player. Once he gets it, I will have a look and see how it goes. For a person whose CD player fell of the fridge and who has a limited selection of CDs in Mersin, an mp3 player with a decent hard disk (5 gb is enough for more than 1,000 songs) looks very attractive.

Mp3 Killed The CD Star

(An adaptation of the song name currently playing on the computer: Video Killed The Radio Star.)

UPDATE (02:00, 2005/05/12): I haven’t been able to Bust A Move and I’m still here listening to the final moment of the CD. Some of the songs I have’t heard for years.

It has now just finished and I’m off home to bed!

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