Bali Photos, Part 1



Bali Bombing Memorial, Kuta. I didn’’t spend much time in the ghetto of Kuta.




Mother and baby Macaque, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Padantegal, Ubud




Offerings like these were everywhere




The Ubud Markets




Also at Ubud Markets. The Balinese are very superstitious people – after I bought some things from her, this lady waved money around her stall for luck.


While walking away from a different stall that stall keeper was pleading for me to buy something ‘for luck’ as I was the first customer of the day. Given the tone of her voice I suspect she was being genuine.


More Bali photos to come…

4 thoughts on “Bali Photos, Part 1

  1. Dragos, I only stepped on Kuta beach for a few minutes – long enough to take a photo (which I didn't plan on publishing because it's just a beach 🙂

    I have some of the best beaches on my doorstep (in Perth) which I've hardly visited so I wasn't focussed on the beaches in Bali. I'm sure that is sacrilegious for somebody who lives in the UK 🙂

  2. Joe, you are completely right, I think about beaches and beautiful girls when I think about Bali … I haven't been on a beach since Acapulco 07, therefore I dream about swimming, playing beach football and volleyball, drinking beer, beach clubs at night … I need to start thinking about visiting Perth 🙂

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