Bali Photos, Part II



These ladies are taking offerings to one of the many local temples. The weekend I was in Bali was significant for the local Hindus (as most Balinese are). i think it was because of the full moon.




Screen printed rice bags on the wall of Ubud’s Bali Buddha, the hangout of choice for foreign, new age hippies. I ate vegan version of a local dish which, surprisingly, was quite tasty.




I had to get a photo of this t-shirt worn by one of the ladies at the jeans store in Ubud 🙂  Below the clock reads “I need more”.




A attended a great Legong Dance performance presented by Bina Remaja Troupe at Ubud’s palace on the Saturday night. The intensity in this dancer’s eyes is visible.




Another wonderfully costumed dancer from the same performance.

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