Bali Photos, Part IV

This is the fourth and final set of photos from my Bali holiday. The other photos can be found here: Bali I, Bali II and and Bali III.




Above the Ayung River, Sayan-Ubud.




A worker tends the stepped rice paddies near the Ayung River, Sayan-Ubud.




The Balinese calendar is complicated enough without the addition of other calendars and languages. If I’m not mistaken, the writing to the right of and below the calendar consists of explanations for the importance of each day. The calendar advises Balinese which days are best to do many things, including harvest rice and have sex.




The Jimbaran Bay seafood meal at one of the many beachside restaurants on my last evening in Bali.




Grilled corn sellers, Jimbaran Bay. There was a corn seller every 100 or so metres along the beach. Throughout the evening locals walked along the beach, picking up fish that had washed up on the shore.

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