Being A Native English Speaker Has Its Advantages/Disadvantages

1) I can understand the lyrics better!

Mix FM, the local DJ-less foreign (non-Turkish) music station is playing a few songs that would never make it on daytime radio in the English-speaking world. Most of the music is is the same 30 or 40 songs rotated, often similar beat house and pop music. A few songs stick out:

a) One song, the title I’m not aware of, at various stages contains the spoken words “f%$k you” repeated over and over again.

b) Another song Jose Nunez’s Bilingual contains the (again) spoken word phrase “You f%$king me makes me bilingual” repeated four times in a row, twice.

As the radio at work is usually used for background music, I am likely the only person who understands the lyrics. I enjoy having a laugh and only wish my workmates could understand (or maybe I don’t :-).

I wonder what would happen if the equivalent Turkish phrases were on the radio?

I must go now and listen to the music…

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