Bern, Switzerland

Bern is Swizerland’s capital. Like Basel, the main language of Bern is German. Karin, an AIESEC trainee in Turkey in 2003-2004, met me at the train station. I travelled with Karin to Iran in 2004.

Karin lives in a wonderful roof-level apartment. She has decorated it with various pictures and souvenirs from her travels.

The view from Karin’s flat

For breakfast we ate bacon rashers and nothing else. For lunch we baked and ate a delicious tomato quiche accompanied by more bacon rashers and a bottle of red wine.

Did I say I missed bacon?

Bern’s historic center is world heritage listed. In the late afternoon we went for a walk around the city.

Bern has bridges, historic churches, fountains, arcades and many other interesting buildings. It is a wonderful place to walk around on a sunny day.

On the way back home we stopped to buy doner kebabs, ordering them in Turkish. I hadn’t eaten an European doner since probably 1999. It tasted delicious, although CHF 8 is far more than the 2 lira paid for a Turkish doner in Mersin.

At the train station we met Julia, an AIESEC Adana trainee from back in the old days of 2001.

Julia, myself and Karin

I really enjoyed meeting up again and I thank Julia for travelling 1 hour to Bern and 1&1/2 back to Zug just to say hi. It is a pity he could not have stayed longer.

After Julia left Karin and I drank a beer at a beer garden. By that stage I was falling over asleep. On the way home we visited an area full of character and interesting people under a bridge…

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