Birds and Insects in Arequipa

Arequipa, a desert city in Peru’s south, has fascinating birds and insects, including impressive hummingbirds. Following are photos and a video compilation from my visits there.

Hummingbird next to vase of flowers, Katari Hotel Rooftop Restaurant, Arequipa

This hummingbird is admiring a vase of flowers on the Katari Hotel rooftop

Duck on rock in River Chili, Arequipa

A duck on a rock in the Chili River

Bee on cactus flowers, YES Arequipa rooftop

A fly feeding on cactus flower on YES Arequipa’s rooftop

Dragonfly with blue eyes at YES Arequipa

This dragonfly was resting in a YES Arequipa garden

The following photos were taken from YES Arequipa room 201 that looks out onto the street. The doves and hummingbirds probably nested in a nearby tree because the birds rested on adjacent power lines.

The male hummingbird had iridescent throat feathers which changed colour with the angle.

Male hummingbird lookng straight, Arequipa

The male’s throat plumage exhibited purple shades when looking straight ahead

Male hummingbird looking sideways, Arequipa

Sideways, the throat feathers appear black

The female hummingbird stayed on the power line for longer and was more active while there.

Female hummingbird with tongue out, Arequipa

Hummingbird tongues stick out further than their already long beaks

Female hummingbird looking up, Arequipa

The female hummingbird pointing up to the sky

Female hummingbird preening itself, Arequipa

Preening herself with her open beak

Female hummingbird shaking it up, Arequipa

Shaking it all about

The doves didn’t excite me as much as the hummingbirds but it was fun seeing the pair court and they sometimes made interesting noises (see video below).

Dove on power line, Arequipa

One of the doves resting on the power line

Following is a video I compiled of Arequipa’s hummingbirds and doves:


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