Bowling – 196 Baby!

“At Mersin Rollhouse we have our hands on our balls”

In the first game of bowling today I almost knocked every pin down. If my last ball was a strike I would have a) not left a single pin standing and b) cracked the 200 barrier. All but the final frame ending up as either strikes or spares. My cumulative tally was 196, 30 more than my previous personal best. Both scoreboards are below:

Today’s new personal best score scoreboard

My previous personal best score scoreboard

An interesting statistic is my previous personal best included 4 more strikes yet was still 30 points lower than today’s game. The difference is today I made 7/8 spares as opposed to 0/5 last time.

I still have a long way to improve as I’m currently bowling in a straight line and have not mastered the more effective hooking style used by the professionals and serious amateurs.


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