Bowling A Turkey In Turkey

This afternoon Orhan (‘Demir’), Levent and I escaped the newly-arrived summer heat for a few hours at the Rollhouse ten pin bowling centre.

Some days are diamonds and others are stones. Today was a big fat diamond. It all started with my first frame of the first game – I knocked down 8 pins but the system recorded it as a strike! That game I bowled 163, a new personal best (PB).

For 4 of the first 5 frames of the second game I scored strikes. My run went downhill from then on until the final frame, frame 10. Strike, strike, strike! My first ever turkey and a new PB score of 166. It may be a while before I hit 7 strikes in a single frame again. For scoring the turkey the bowling centre rewarded me with a free beer.

my final game was not as good as the previous two although I did make a strike in the first frame, making it 4 strikes in a row. I still scored 138, giving me a 3 game total of 467 and an average score of 155&2/3, higher than my old single game PB


2 thoughts on “Bowling A Turkey In Turkey

  1. You rock, Joe!
    I scored only 125, left handed, which is my PB, and 85, right handed, my good arm, couple of weeks ago when we had company team building at bowling salon 🙂

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