BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake west of Mersin

In the last 30 minutes there was a small earthquake stretching from Erdemli to Mezitli, just west of Mersin. I used to live in Mezitli. I’m sure there will be further reports soon and I will update if I hear anything more. In Mersin I didn’t feel anything.

UPDATE: [7:15 pm] I cannot find any news articles concerning the earthquake in English. The earthquake registered 4.6 and was centred at Erdemli west of Mezitli. Articles in Turkish: Zaman and Mersin Haber.

The earthquake obviously didn’t cause much damage because there aren’t any pictures. Turkish media just loves showing controversial and exciting images and footage.

Coincidentally, almost 5 years to the day was the major earthquake in Izmit.

UPDATE [18/08/04]: NTVMSNBC has an article on the earthquake in English.

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