Camlibel To Mezitli Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning I left home at 5 am and, for the first time ever, walked the 10 kilometres west along the coast from Camlibel to Mezitli, Mersin’s neighbouring town. I returned via bus, arriving back home at 8:20 am.

The early morning is a beautiful time to walk. The heat of the sun and the city noise were non-existent. Following are a few photos I took during my walk:

This stray kitten and its companion (not in photo) were hungry for food

The sun rising in the east. Pollution helps make sunrises and sunsets more beautiful (probably pollution’s only positive).

Looking towards Pozcu. There are people walking, play equipment, a cafe, military relics and the ugly “Pozcu Plaza” building with crane on top intruding in front of the mountains. This is the same building as I wrote about here.

Mersin’s largest mosque, “Mugdat Camii”

The reflection of a fountain prior to its daily operation

A fisherman not worried about the pollution in the bay. Perhaps he thinks it is a bonus if the fish have two heads. In the foreground are pigeons enjoying a feeding frenzy. My one-man pigeon crap-reduction cult has very little chance of succeeding if people keep feeding the birds en masse.

Sculptures are placed at various locations along the coast. This one is of the traditional Turkish puppets Karagoz and Hacivat.

Bees gorging on pollen in the banana blossoms

In this part of the world it is fashionable to have an English name for your bar no matter how lame it sounds. “The Vodka” anyone?

Galatasaray Square. Soon I will write a post specifically about this disgrace.

A crow resting on the rail. Mersin’ skyline is in the background. To the left of the crow is the Taksim International hotel. The 6 pillars visible in the distance to the crow’s right are Mugdat Mosque’s minarets (see photo above).


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