Niece and nephew come to town

Last week Eilish (17) and Breandan (15) visited from Adelaide. This was their second visit to Perth and first since 2009.

Prior to coming, I asked them to each give me a list of 5 activities they would like to do. I’m happy to write that we did almost all of them.

I have rarely lived in the same place at the same time as Eilish and Breandan so it was a great pleasure to spend time with them. Following are photos from the wonderful week.


At Jump About Trampoline Park (note Breandan jumping off the pyramid trampoline)

Ellington Jazz Club

Ellington Jazz Club

Breandan bowling

Breandan achieved a personal best ten pin bowling score at Rosemount Bowl and won two of the three games. I won the first game with 160.

Eilish pizza

Eilish enjoying home-made pizza

Araluen Botanic Park

Araluen Botanic Park. At Araluen we saw a number of birds including blue wrens, red tailed black cockatoos and silver eyes.

Araluen Botanic Park

Another Araluen photo

Canning Dam Canning Dam. Currently we all stand at similar heights. Breandan is 2-3 shoe sizes larger than me so I don’t think we will be at similar heights for much longer.

At Bjoern and Ola's

Out the front of Bjoern and Ola’s place

Bjoern and Ola's At Bjoern and Ola’s

Towering Eilish

Eilish standing in front of the BHP tower, Perth CBD


In Fremantle’s old quarter. This photo was taken by Julie, an American naval architecture academic in town for a conference who joined us on the cruise to Fremantle.

Leaping from container to container

Breandan leaping from shipping container to shipping container, Fremantle

Eilish and Breandan At Coventry Village, Morley. The anime and gaming shops were the main time consumers here.

Supercar Breandan

Breandan in front of the SuperCars Perth Lamborghini he rode in around the RAC race track. No prizes for guessing his highlight of the trip.

The End Of An Era: Farewell Supa IGA Dianella

Farewell SUPA IGA Dianella

Farewell SUPA IGA Dianella

The only independent supermarket within 5 kilometres of my house with reasonable prices and a wide variety of stock closed at 6pm tonight: SUPA IGA Dianella. All the other independents in my area of Perth either had the prices or the variety but not both.

SUPA IGA Dianella was quite eclectic with a decent international section and I am sad to see it go. Even sadder is that it is being replaced with another generic Coles supermarket.

A new Coles supermarket is just what I wanted. If I were to consider shopping at Coles and the closest Coles Inglewood store didn’t have what I required then I wouldn’t bother visiting the Coles in Maylands or the Coles in Morley or the soon to be Coles in Dianella because they would not have it either.

Coles (like Woolworths) is all about maximising profit per centimetre of shelving space. Considerations like supplier sustainability, sourcing locally and providing real choice within product segments have fallen by the wayside.

The oligopoly powers that the two major supermarket chains have in Australia are not good for Australian growers, not good for Australian suppliers and not good for Australian consumers. If the major supermarket chains were broken up, Australia would be a better place.

Fried Rice, Awesome Style

Put together the following in a hot wok:
– sesame oil
– Thai shrimp, garlic and chilli mix
– fresh hot green chilli
– garlic
– ginger
– shallot onions
– sweet chilli sauce
– soy sauce
– cashews
– thinly cut bacon
– carrot
– cabbage
– green capsicum
– pineapple
– mushroom
– steamed rice
– tofu
– bean sprouts
…stir, and, voila!

Fried Rice, Awesome Style

Advieh – a Wonderful Persian Spice Mix

After running around Kings Park, along the Swan River and up Jacob’s Ladder this morning I went to Subiaco Markets. To my delight, the Spice Library stall had advieh, a traditional Persian spice mix. I didn’t know it was called advieh until today but I certainly recognised the smell.

During my 2004 Iran holiday I bought a plastic jar of advieh from Shiraz Bazaar. After returning to Mersin I used this yummy spice mix in most meals for 3 years including pasta, roast vegetables, stir fries and curries.

The following photo I took at Shiraz Bazaar shows a man taking some advieh out of one of the two advieh mixes. I love how the different spices are layered. In the central top section of the photo are plastic jars containing advieh.

Following is my empty jar prior to throwing it out in June 2007:


A Very Good Weekend So Far

Yesterday, on a beautiful, mild overcast day I sold a heap of carpets for Carpets for Communities at the very well organised Mosman Park EcoFair.

Last night I went clubbing at Gold Bar for Malvi’s birthday and rediscovered Dirty Black Russians.

This morning I ran for an hour to the Mount Yokine Reservoir and back.

And, now, I’ve just cooked and eaten this:


Bacon, free range eggs with their yolks broken and spread, green capsicum freshly picked from my courtyard, feta, chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil and ground black pepper.

The omelette from the first photo in a toasted ciabatta roll with avocado and Mum’s home made tomato sauce 🙂