Christmas in Adelaide

(emphasis added)

Hello Joe, just wondering what you will be doing for Christmas. we are getting organised for the onslaught on Saturday, really looking forward to it. I have many lists made and day by day instructions so I shall be organised on the day. I am sure I have already said that Dads family will be here, 29 in total and for a traditional hot meal. It will be 38 degrees tomorrow but thankfully a cool change later in the day and 27 degrees forcast for Saturday. We will organise tables for outside, start with a prawn coctail, so that everyone gets a taste, then the hot roast meal of turkey, chicken, pork and lamb plus all the vegies. Then onto pudding with real sixpences in it, or trifle.

Well I am really tired. Dad and I get up most days at 5.30am, only because we are awake, and the mornings are beautiful. But it makes for a long day.

Take care and enjoy your Christmas. Love Mum.

Sounds brilliant…

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