Computer Problems

For days, my computer at work was causing grief, continually freezing when using Internet Explorer, Outlook or Outlook Express. It got to the stage where I copied all my files and emails onto another computer (the scanner computer) that I am using now. For a couple of days I could not access my personal emails. On Saturday Serkan reformatted the problem computer and it is almost ready to use again. Generally in the office, Word is also very slow. In all of Mersin, maybe Turkey, the ADSL (yes, a month or so ago we obtained ADSL Internet access!) is also very slow. Turk Telekom say the ADSL access should be fixed in a week. Let’s hope so. One advantage of the computer problems is the temporary computer has a much better monitor and when I return to my original computer, I will take the monitor with it.

Enough computer speak!

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