Cycling All Over Turkey

On Thursday morning Bulgarian biochemist Jordan cycled into Mersin. During the previous couple of months he had covered several thousand kilometres cycling from Bulgaria into and around Turkey. Averaging around 80 kilometres a day Jordan has cycled on his standard racing bicycle through Canakkale, Ankara, Van, Kilis and all points in between. Writing the obvious, he is a very fit man!

Months ago, prior to starting his bike ride, Jordan found my website and contacted me. Prior to email and mobile telephone, arranging the meeting would have been next to impossible. Jordan is the latest of many interesting people I have met via this website.

By the time he got to Mersin, Jordan was tired of continuously cycling, camping in fields and petrol stations and wanted a day off. The hot shower, comfortable bed and local-free evening were most likely also appreciated. In the evening I made a mixed vegetable pasta dish with the added luxury of Swiss Italian-style salami. Over a few beers, I showed Jordan photos of Syria and Iran, places he wanted to cycle around in the future.

Friday morning, after repairing his umpteenth flat tyre, Jordan headed west on the road to Silifke.

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