Deliciousness and Australian Songs at Festi Sabores 2016 – Arequipa’s Food Festival

Festi Sabores, Festival of Flavours in English, is southern Peru’s most important food festival and a highlight of the Arequipa calendar. With free entry, Festi Sabores is held at Plaza Yanahuara over multiple days around October-November each year. Rocío and I enjoyed the 2016 festival enough to attend two days.

Cuyassic Park, guinea pig stand, Arequipa Food Festival, Peru

Cuyassic Park: like Jurassic Park but selling roasted guinea pigs instead (cuy in Spanish is guinea pig)

Dessert, Arequipa Food Festival, Peru

One of many luscious desserts available at the festival

Queso helado, Arequipa Food Festival, Peru

This woman is selling local speciality queso helado, a type of ice cream

Butterflied trout grilling, Arequipa Food Festival, Peru

Butterflied trout grilling; we ate one and it was delicious

Rocio with cuy, Arequipa Food Festival, Peru

Rocío at another guinea pig stall

Picarones, Peruvian doughnuts, Festi Sabores, Arequipa, Peru

Picarones are traditional Peruvian doughnuts and taste awesome

Fountain produce decoration, Festi Sabores, Arequipa

Plaza Yanahuara’s fountain was decorated with fresh produce for the festival

Misti Volcano backdrop, Festi Sabores, Arequipa

Mount Misti provided a spectacular festival backdrop

Saturday night’s entertainment included cover bands. Coincidentally, two bands both began with Midnight Oil’s Beds Are Burning. The second band also played a second iconic 1980s Australian song, Down Under by Men At Work. It’s good to hear music from your own country when a long time away, even a badly played cover. I wonder if Beds Are Burning was popular in Peru for the politics or just the music.

Snippets of Australian songs played at Festi Sabores 2016

Cover band rocking, Festi Sabores, Arequipa

A cover band playing at Festi Sabores

On Sunday we returned with Nicholas for more food and not so much alcohol.

Paco, plantain and more plantain, Arequipa Food Festival

From jungle waters: paco (a freshwater fish) with plantain chips, fried plantain and plantain balls (tacacho); so much plantain!

Colca Canyon dancing, Festi Sabores, Arequipa

Dancers in traditional Colca Canyon dress entertained on Sunday

Alcoholic infusions, Festi Sabores, Arequipa

Alcohol infused with, from left to right, coca leaves, cape gooseberry, camu camu, airampo cactus fruit and lemon verbena

If you are around Arequipa during the festival I highly recommend visiting for a fun time while sampling food from South America’s best cuisine.

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