Dirty Evidence

Early Thursday morning a thunderous storm hit Mersin. Some birds decided to shelter in my apartment. I didn’t see the birds but based on the evidence left behind there were pigeons (“guvercin”) in the bathroom and sparrows (“serce”) in the lounge.

4 thoughts on “Dirty Evidence

  1. I quite regularly find pigeons in the kitchen in the morning in my İstanbul appartement.
    ps. nice to hear from you again after the monts of silence.
    You don’t know me Joe but I quite regularly read your blog. Hoştakal.

  2. I forgot to explain.. I leave the window open for the night. 🙂 The pigeon get struck inside when the wind closes the window.

  3. Dragos,
    Yeah, but they’re not paying rent and making a larger mess instead of cleaning!

    I’m glad you like the blog. Do not be afraid to tell us more about yourself. There are far too many pigeons in Mersin and they are real pests, in my opinion.

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