Drug Queen Hits Mersin

Both my and my bosses’ cameras have returned from repairs in Istanbul and after 60 YTL each are now in working order.

On my early morning walk today I saw the following nightclub promotion:

With my limited Turkish, “DANSCI KIZLAR” means “female dancers”. Unless I have completely misunderstood, there is a misspelling in “DRUG QUEEN”.

Some advice to the poster producer: “DRUG QUEEN” and “DRAG QUEEN” have completely different meanings. U should have bought A vowel:

Part of a road sign on the roundabout just east of Mersin’s Train station

On the same roundabout was the following sign:

“Plant” should be “Paint”, as in: Natural Paint Project. Mistakes like this are common in Turkey. What makes this one notable, though, is the sign subject is a Turkey-European Union joint project.

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