Eating and Drinking at El Shamuskia’o in Old Havana

Cuban moussaka and vegetable crepes

Cuban moussaka and vegetable crepes

In Old Havana (Habana Vieja) we came across a small restaurant and bar with the marketing nightmare of a name, El Shamuskia’o. Located on Muralla Street in between Habana and Compostela, El Shamuskia’o became a Havana favourite for Rocío and me, visiting four times.

Seafood along with pork and pineapple kebabs at El Shamuskia'o

Shellfish and pork and pineapple kebabs at El Shamuskia’o

El Shamuskia’o serves freshly prepared food and nice cocktails with a smile. With Cuba’s limited supplies the restaurant does well to provide a variety of meals, often with an original touch. Over our visits we tried much of the menu and almost everything succeeded, with the eggplant dish my favourite.

Mojito and pina colada at El Shamuskia'o

Mojito and pina colada at El Shamuskia’o

When we introduced friends Steen and Maike to El Shamuskia’o, they became immediate converts.

Eggplant and salad at El Shamuskia'o

Eggplant and salad at El Shamuskia’o; though not on the menu, El Shamuskia’o prepared the salad upon Rocío’s request

Like the menu, El Shamuskia’o’s interior also has the owner’s personal touch including a portrait of Quanah Parker with a wolf. Parker was a leader of the Comanche Indians who fought against the United States’ government in the 19th century. Rocío liked the portrait and wanted a photo.

Rocío with El Shamuskia'o's Quanah Parker portrait

Rocío with El Shamuskia’o’s Quanah Parker portrait

When El Shamuskia’o’s owner saw this, he showed Rocío his similar Quanah Parker tattoo.

Rocío with El Shamuskia'o owner's Quanah Parker tattoo

Rocío with El Shamuskia’o owner’s tattoo of Quanah Parker

El Shamuskia'o's business card

El Shamuskia’o’s business card

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