Efes Blues, Ankara Visa, Istanbul Flights

I’m curently in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, about to fly to Dubai and then Karachi. In the airport there are many mature men and women dressed in white towling looking ready for the hamam. Instead, they are flying to Saudi Arabia for the Haj pilgrimage.

This week has been hectic.

Tuesday night Peter and I had a good time at the Efes Pilsen Blues Festival at the Armada in Mersin. I missed the last act as left early to catch an overnight bus to Ankara. On Wednesday, feeling not too good from the previous night, I obtained an invitation letter from the Australian Embassy and then applied and obtained my Pakistani visa. In between I visited Armagan and Yekta at IES’s Ankara office and also met with Selin, who gave me a laptop part she had brought from Australia 9 months earlier.

At Ankara’s ASTI bus station I arrived too late to catch the 5 pm buses to Mersin. Instead, I caught a bus to Adana. At Adana’s otogar I chatted with a couple of friendly police offices for over an hour whilst waiting for a bus to Mersin. I eventually arrived home around 4 am Thursday morning. Thursday was my last day at work for 2006.

5:30 this morning I woke up finalised my luggage and caught the local amca’s ancient, rickety machine, technically known as a taxi, to the AtlasJet service bus.

I’m due to arrive in Dubai at 1:15 am tomorrow and depart for Karachi at 8:00 am. Hani, see you very soon!


1 thought on “Efes Blues, Ankara Visa, Istanbul Flights

  1. “Selin, who gave me a laptop part she had brought from Australia 9 months earlier.”

    hahaha!so sorry again:(pls dont forget i sent sms 2 your mum:)

    i think i’m like crazy these days:P

    kisses from Ankara

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