Emily Taheny And Katrina Retallick: Comedy Inc

Because of my previous post, I’m receiving a lot of visitors searching for ‘Emily Taheny’ or ‘Katrina Retallick’, stars of an Australian sketch-comedy series, Comedy Inc.

To everyone, welcome to my blog!

Here are pictures of Emily and Katrina:

Emily Taheny

Katrina Retallick

11 thoughts on “Emily Taheny And Katrina Retallick: Comedy Inc

  1. Thanks Joe! I was wanting to see a photo of Katrina cos her mother apparently is a teacher at my daughters school here in Wagga Wagga, Australia.

  2. Emily Taheny , what would the late shift be without ur umm funninessness lol, what would the world be without ur stunning beauty…. let me buy u a drink 🙂

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