European Winter Throwing Cup

The European Winter Throwing Cup in Mersin finished this afternoon and the results are in. The Russians won both the men and women’s overall team events as well as some of the individual events.

The event was held at the “Macit Ozcan Spor Compleksi” (Macit Ozcan Sporting Complex). Macit Ozcan is the current Greater City of Mersin Mayor. Yesterday evening after work, my boss and I drove past the complex, several kilometres to the north of Mersin.

I don’t know how successful the event was, but I doubt it has suddenly put Mersin ‘on the map’, as such. I receive Google News Alerts whenever “Mersin” is mentioned in a news story. For a European athletics event, featuring athletes from 29 countries, there has been extremely little English-language coverage. Of course, there could be huge coverage in the other European languages, but somehow, I doubt it.

Previously, I had big plans to obtain a media pass and cover the Throwing Cup. However:

a) I didn’t have the time to research the athletes and events properly, produce business cards and at least appear half-professional.

b) I want to save up all my holiday time for 2 future events I am REALLY excited about. I will write about these in the next post…

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