Facebook – Any Opinions?

In 2 days I’ve received 2 emails from friends who have added me as a friend on the social networking website Facebook. This is 2 more Facebook emails than I’ve received in my previous 10,000 days.

The emails go as such:

I’ve added you as a friend on Facebook…

Hi Joe,

I’ve requested to add you as a friend on Facebook. You can use Facebook to see the profiles of the people around you, share photos, and connect with friends. Now everyone can join Facebook, even if you couldn’t before.

If you have used Facebook, what are your thoughts on it?


2 thoughts on “Facebook – Any Opinions?

  1. Hey Joe, I use Facebook. It’s actually nice. I don’t use it much at all. It works like e-mail for me plus or minus a couple things. The plus is that there are pictures, and stuff and other ways to follow your friends’ activities who are obsessed with it. It’s also a really nice that you can look at your friends’ contacts. This is cool cause you might come across an old friend you haven’t seen for 2 years who happens to be a contact of a friend you’re still in contact with. For example, my old roomate Neal just added me as a facebook contact cause he’s seen me on another friends’ page. All in all, I think it’s worth joining, even if you’re super passive, it’s nice when people contact you. I actally have my blog posted there as a rss feed, so friends who are on facebook a lot read my blog that way (mainly folks who wouldn’t be checking it regularly, which is cool.) Oh, and another thing, you don’t have to do anything; really. Like, sometimes it just sits there and I forget I have it, then there’s a week like this where I get wedding a wedding announcement from Adam (another old roomate) and facebook invitations from Neal and Adrienne (old roomate/friend who probably connected at Adam’s wedding) it’s a good thing.

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