Feast Of The Persimmon!

I’ve just eaten a fantastic feast – 1 massive persimmon!

The flesh was so succulent and juicy. Weighing approximatelly 300 grams, by the time the below specimen was finished I felt like I had eaten 2 or 3.

The persimmon season is in full swing and I plan to make the most of it until the end.

5 thoughts on “Feast Of The Persimmon!

  1. hey joe, its anna yo sis i got a good idea, why dont you, with your new cam, take a recent !! photo of yourself and update the daggy half fuzzy one youve got of yourself! even better put one of me up there actually im gonna send u a pic of me drinking the best drink ever (morning after big nites that is..) ok post that one, with a comment that says ‘legend’ or something along those lines, and stop eating those weird tomatoes!!

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