Fish on Friday

On Friday James phones and asks if I can take him, Fiona Hudson, another Australian journalist based in London, and Stuart Clarke, an English freelance photographer. Both Fiona and Stuart came to Mersin to cover the Australian evacuation from Lebanon story for News Limited.

I picked them up from the Hilton Hotel and, as they wanted to eat fish, drove them to a restaurant in Mezitli.

From left to right: James, myself, Stuart and Fiona

All of us enjoyed the lovely fish and salad meal. The journalists were craving for some light food after too many red meat meals. The many different topics discussed during the meal included Mersin, Istanbul, the Middle East, the conservativeness/liberalness of Mersin and Turkey, relationships with Turkish ladies, the Turkish presidential system, Mersin’s population make-up, what I was doing here and what I missed about Australia.

A few points I found interesting:
* Fiona did not know about Wikipedia.
* The journos wanted to know why I blogged and when I had started. I wonder how the blogging and MSM (mainstream media) relationship will develop in the future.

4 thoughts on “Fish on Friday

  1. Oz, I spoke to her and didn’t realise she was Mrs Oz Kanka!

    How long will she be in Mersin?

    I don’t know if I see her again but if I do, I will ask her if she knows ‘Oz Kanka’! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey joe

    Great reading about this! One of the girls from work had her daughters visiting for the first time. They finally got out late last week.

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