Friends and Email

On the 23rd of December I sent out my irregular email to my friends, family and basically anybody I have been in touch with and whose email my address book recorded; in total, around 500 emails.

I loved receiving all the replies, some from people I was not in contact with for more than two years. Thank you all very much!

The only ‘problem’ is replying to each and every email. I have now got down to 20 or so emails left in my inbox. To those I haven’t replied to, please be patient – your reply will come.

Without email (and the blog) I don’t know how this network could be maintained. Besides the fantastic gift of friendship, one never knows when one can help or be helped.

Recently, via a request from Flic, I helped convince a Chinese AIESEC trainee convince his family that Turkey was safe to come on a traineeship.

A few weeks ago, the second level .SG (Singapore) domains were released to the public for the first time. I saw this as an opportunity to register some great domain names for sale or development. After registering them I realised the domains required a Singaporean administrative contact. I had three days to find one before the domains would be taken away and I was about to leave on a holiday to Syria! No worries, I SMS’ed Hui in Singapore and she was happy to help. Thank you Hui!

Friends are fantastic and email is a great way to keep them in touch.

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