Funny And Annoying Sleep Patterns

Recently (the last 2-3 weeks) I have been sleeping lighter than usual. Before I wake up I have these semi-conscious thoughts. The thoughts are not of any particular nature or subject, just what was on my mind before I went to sleep. Consistent poor sleep has lead to headaches and tiredness during the day.

Coinciding with the light sleeping, I always wake up in the same specific lying position. Previously I used to sleep on my side. Now I wake up lying on my back with my arms above my head. I am almost certain this has something to do with my poor sleep. The new sleeping position also reduces the blood flowing to my arms and when I wake up they take a short time regain all their feelings.

I really don’t know why I am waking up in this new position. Falling asleep is not difficult and psychologically, I’m fine (well, that is what my other personalities tells me :-)).

I have tried sleeping in different positions on the double bed but I always wake up exactly the same. Tonight I am sleeping on the single bed in the lounge room. Hopefully, the different environment will help.

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