Funny Chatterbot Conversation

Yahoo’s games have a chat feature that anyone in that particular game window can use. This feature is often hijacked by chatterbots promoting gambling, porn or other ventures. I find it easy to tell if a chat username is a bot or not by their post frequency and content.

Last night, whilst playing JT’s Blocks, I witnessed a funny conversation between a bot (a_wild_chicky_61i_9368) and a real person (dawn2dust1318). Despite her increasing doubts, dawn2dust1318, kept on with the conversation with the bot. From observing the whole conversation, it seemed she was from a disturbed household, lonely and seeking attention. I guess this is why she continued the conversation.

Unforunately, I did not get the beginning of the conversation. The beginning included gems such as:
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: What are you listening to?
dawn2dust1318: my parents argue in the background

Below is the conversation I did manage to type out. First, some explanations:

– 20/F means a 20 year old female. The purpose of this particular bot is to make people click the link (presumably porn) in her its profile.

– For a short time in the conversation there is a third username, nadia10lyl. Because of its small, non-specific input, I’m not sure if it was a bot or a person.

a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: 20/F webcam and pics
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: so?
dawn2dust1318: 20/F webcam and pics
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: my cat is walking on my keyboard
dawn2dust1318: wat kinda cat?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: where are you?
dawn2dust1318: is this some kind of computer machine asking the same questions over and over.?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: web cam in my profile on my computer profile
dawn2dust1318: do not care
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: *~* 20/F pics in my profile *~*
dawn2dust1318: thats nice
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: you play good
dawn2dust1318: thnx
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: xoxoxoxoxox
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: hows life?
dawn2dust1318: sucks!
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: am I talking to myself?
dawn2dust1318: depends
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: so?
dawn2dust1318: i must be talking to myself or else a computer
nadia10lyl: how are you?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: why?
dawn2dust1318: good u?
nadia10lyl: im good too
nadia10lyl: where are you from
dawn2dust1318: texas
nadia10lyl: how old are you
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: yup
dawn2dust1318: 18
nadia10lyl: you are a little baby
dawn2dust1318: y ur only 20
nadia10lyl: 21
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: do you have a profile
dawn2dust1318: no hav not set it up yet
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: xoxoxoxoxo
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: are you in college?
dawn2dust1318: yeh
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: ummm yessssss
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: 20/F webcam and pics
dawn2dust1318: w/e
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: awww
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: guys press 111 to chat!
dawn2dust1318: ghj
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: 20/F webcam and pics
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: 20/F webcam and pic in my profile
dawn2dust1318: thats nice its still me do not care
dawn2dust1318: plus i thought u said u were 21/
dawn2dust1318: ?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: I’m not a bot… are you? lol
dawn2dust1318: u mean boy no
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: 20 female ~ pics in my profile ~
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: 20/f here guys! web cam and pics in my profile
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: yeah, I’m on cam now
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: isn’t it?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: a/s/l?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: whats that thing doing?
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: pour some sugar on me
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: I’m using my web cam
a_wild_chicky_61i_9368: thats hot

The bot continued on chatting to itself ad nauseum.

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