Get Digital Camera = More Photos

Some people have suggested I should post both more and different photos on the blog. These are good suggestions and I hope to implement a random photo generator once I have changed the hosting and have the time to do it.

Something else that will drastically increase the number of photos on the blog is owning a digital camera. Ever since I won some lotto money ı have been planning to get a digital camera. My boss recommended he get it in Dubai, as cameras are much cheaper there. In December he is planning to pass through Dubai and buy one for me.

Once I have the camera I plan to take it almost everywhere I go. I will shoot as many photos as I want and delete them later if I don’t like them. A photo I would like to take is a radio station billboard advert currently on display in Mersin. The fictional person at the centre of the ad is listening to an iPod, the antithesis of FM radio! If everyone owned an iPod, the FM radio stations would be struggling to survive with everyone listening to their own personal ‘radio station’.

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