Gig: Radar @ Tribu

Last night I attended a fun gig. It wasn’t quite up there with Everclear destroying Silverchair @ Thebarton Theatre in 1996, all areas access @ Nibe Festival in 1999 or front row Pearl Jam @ the Entertainment Centre in 2003 but it was still good. This is despite my stomach ache gained from eating too much humus and felafel at Lido’s earlier.

Radar are a cover band I had seen several times previously at Bad-Lik Bar (now sadly closed) and Tribu. However, tonight there was something extra in the air (besides the mary jane). The underground concert area was buzzing with moshing, sweating punters and the crowd kept singing even when power failure stopped the music. I wonder what made the difference tonight? 3 lira 1/2 litre beers perhaps…

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