Go Boonie!

I look forward to shaking Boonie’s hand when I visit Australia.

At an Adelaide Oval test cricket match between Australia and England (in 1999?) there was a spectator on the hill under the scoreboard who looked similar to David Boon (retired cricket player).

The crowd, particularly the Poms, kept buying him beers and having their photo taken with him. Every time he was bought a drink he stood up, sculled the beer and threw the cup over his shoulder to the roar of the crowd.

When he went to the toilet and when he exited the ground he was given a standing ovation by thousands of other spectators. It was as if the real Boonie was there!

That day was one of my funniest ever times.

I was also lucky enough to have observed Boon’s last ever day of test cricket versus Sri Lanka at Adelaide Oval on 29 January, 1996. On the day, the crowd on the hill under the scoreboard kept yelling ‘give Boonie a bowl’. Unfortunately, he wasn’t given a bowl.

Coincidentally, Sunday is the 10th anniversary of his test match retirement.

Boonie is truly a legend!

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